Super Bowl Party and Melissa's new words!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Sunday we spent the evening with our friends watching the Super Bowl. We had good food and great fellowship. Melissa had a blast playing with the big kids and entertaining all the adults. She was eating up all the attention. She would dance, sing for all of us and loved it when we all would clap and praise her. At one point during the game our friend Mr. Brian was really talking to the T.V. Even though he never said any bad words he did say something while Melissa was in the room.
Brian was mad at the call of the play and said "That is Horse Crap" two seconds later Melissa "Horse Crap" "Horse Crap". The whole room filled with laughter. I could not stop laughing. This is one of those times you just had to be there. I just hope she doesn't remember those words and says them some place that would not be funny! Thanks Brian!

Melissa dancing with the big kids

Brian not to happy!


Kecia said...

Oh God... Ha...
This is a funny age,they repeat everything that they hear...Poor Melissa she had no ideaofwhat she was saying!

God bless you!!

Cara said...

Well....say I'm rotten, but we call this same game BS where I come from! I never curse, but my competitive nature sure comes out when I shout "Bu*# S*%&^" during this game! :)

So happy I found your blog!