Melissa Making Valentine Cookies

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Melissa received a present yesterday via UPS. It was cookie mix from Axcan Pharma. This is the company that gives Melissa free enzymes and vitamins. I was very shocked when I opened the package up. The note on the card read
Happy Valentine's Day from your friends at Axcan Pharma
Bake some cookies, mix up some fun, and enjoy a sweet treat this Valentine's Day!
We hope you enjoy baking these heart-shaped cookies and gaining a few extra calories as well. (Does that mean mommy also)
We are proud to support your health and nutrition.

Today Melissa and I made heart-shaped cookies. She still doesn't understand making cookies, but she has fun trying to eat the cookie dough.


Mark, Lena and Kaelyn said...

What a sweet gift and fun for you all too!

Kecia said...

Sweet and cute!!
Just like Melissa!

Amy E. said...

How very cute!!! and fun!!!

Kecia said...

Thank you! I know that's true...
And i'm praying! But i'malso very scared... Is normal to be this scared???