Some new pictures of my silly girl

Saturday, November 22, 2008
I thought I would post some of these new pictures of Melissa. I have been dealing with stress over Melissa throwing her food onto the floor, walls and any place it will stick. So the first picture is of Melissa being messy. Yes, at 17 months she is still messy. She was eating refried black beans and cheese quesadillas. How can you get mad at this face! The other pictures are her being silly or just because I think she is cute.

What I didn't do it!

I love laying on the kitchen floor!

I'm a big girl, I climbed up in the chair by myself

Dada your funny with mama's sunglasses on

Like my winter Hat? I do too!


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Those were too cute:) Thanks for sharing.

Kecia said...

Melissa is an angel!!
Love you in Christ!

Kaelyn said...

Very cute pics!! Love her smile!