Welcome Home Dada

Friday Night, October 17, 2008

Paul has been gone for 15 days a little over 2 weeks. He had a business trip to Perth Australia. It took him and his co-workers about 23 hours to get to Perth and about 25 hours to get back to Texas. Paul did enjoy his time in Australia. He did take pictures, but they are on the old fashion way a disposable camera. So once we get those developed I will post the pictures. Paul brought me back a nice t-shirt and Melissa got a Kangaroo and a Koala. She loves the Kangaroo and is trying to say it. Melissa and I are so glad to have him back home.

Waiting for Dada at the airport

Dada was happy to see his baby girl!

Giving Melissa her Kangaroo and Koala

Thank You Dada!

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