Road Trip to Arkansas

October 7, 2008

Melissa and I packed our bags loaded up the SUV, picked up Aunt Laura and headed to Springdale Arkansas. We left on Friday and came back yesterday. Aunt Laura's son James and his family live in Springdale. My younger cousin Justin plays high school football for the Shiloh Saints, we wanted to go see him play! We had planned on making it to Springdale around 7:00p-7:30p on Friday, but didn't make it until 8:30p. We left the DFW area around 1:00 and got stuck in traffic for an hour. We hadn't been on the road but 30 minutes when this happen. Melissa was great going and coming back. This road trip was better than our first!

Once we got to the football game it was half time. This was Melissa's first football game and I didn't know how she would like it. She LOVED it. She got to see the high school band play and was dancing. She was clapping and saying GO GO to the football players. After the game was over we went down to the field to find Justin. Melissa also LOVED the football field. She was also glad to be able to run around since she was stuck in a car seat for hours! The Shiloh Saints won the game! Go Saints! After the game was over it was time to head to our cousins house and get ready for bed. I never know how Melissa is going to do in new places. She didn't sleep very well the first night.

We took it easy the rest of the weekend. Melissa loved our cousins house. It a very nice house and big. Melissa had lots of room to run around and lots of pretty things to touch. She didn't even break anything! Yeah Melissa! My cousin James is my 2nd cousin his kids, Justin and Katelyn are my third and that makes Melissa the 4th generation of cousins! That is a lot to think about. Melissa and I enjoyed our weekend.

The drive home was better no traffic jams!


Kaelyn said...

Looks like a fun trip! Glad it all went well.

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I'm glad you had a good time. It's nice to get away sometimes and have some fun:)

Kecia said...

Melissa must be very happy... She just got her badge of Travelling Girl!!lol...
She is soo cute,oh and congratulations to the Shiloh Saints!
Love you in Christ!!