It's in our DNA!

I took Melissa to Toys R Us last week. She had received a gift card from there. We walked around for about an hour playing with different toys. I could not decide on a toy. She loved everything she played with. As we are getting ready to check out, I saw the purse. I thought to myself every little girl needs a purse. Well Melissa got an Elmo Purse. Inside the purse is a comb, wallet, cell phone, lipstick, keys and a mirror. All of this is plastic.

I didn't know if she would even like this, but oh well it was a gift. Melissa loves the purse. It didn't take her long to figure out what to do with all the items. She even knows that the lipstick is for your lips. She will come up to me and put lipstick on me. It must be in our DNA! I told her that now that she has a purse she can go shopping. She went in to her room and got her shopping cart. It was so funny!

I love this purse!

I'm ready to go shopping!

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Kaelyn said...

cute purse...I know of another little girl that would love that purse too.