Back from Vacation

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're back from Florida and had a great time!

Day 1 July 2nd:
Our vacation started out flying to Tampa Florida and then driving to Tarpon Springs about a 45 minute drive. Melissa did well on the plane and the car ride, but was ready to run around. Uncle Steve was home to welcome us to Florida. Melissa hadn't met Uncle Steve or Aunt Cynthia so she was getting a lot of love. We also met Amy the cat, Melissa was chasing Amy all over the place. We didn't do much that night. They had dinner ready for us and then after Melissa went to bed we went swimming.

Aunt Cynthia meeting Melissa for the first time

Uncle Steve meeting Melissa for the first time

Amy the cat trying to figure out Melissa

Day 2 July 3rd:
Started off early! Melissa thought we all needed to be up at 7:00a, that's 6:00a Texas time! Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Steve have a nice back yard with a pool. There is also a pond outside there back yard that has a lot of wild life. It has an alligator, lots of turtles, ducks, all kinds of birds and big fish. We never saw the Alligator, but could hear it at night making noises.

We had breakfast and dinner out on the patio almost everyday. Melissa enjoyed eating outside and listing to the birds. After Melissa's morning nap we heading to Honeymoon Island. It's a state park with great beaches. This was Melissa's first trip to the beach so we didn't know how she would do. She loved every minute of it. She saw the water and was ready to walk on in to the ocean! We forgot her floaty that day so we had to hold on to her tight. When we weren't in the water we were building sand castles or laying out working on the tan!

Ready for the beach

This sand is fun

It was getting time for Melissa afternoon nap plus we had already been at the beach 4 hours so it was time to head back to the house. Melissa took her nap and us adults played in the pool. We then went down to the docks at Tarpon Springs. This is the home of the historic sponge Docks.

Day 3 July 4th:
Up early again thanks to Melissa! Same thing eat breakfast, Melissa takes her morning nap and then head out to another beach. This time we had to take a boat ride to get to this beach. We went to Caladesi Island state park. This beach is ranked among the top 5 beaches in the nation. We had a good time, but the only thing wrong with this is you can only stay on the island for 4 hours. Once again we had a great time sun bathing, playing in the water and building sand castle with Melissa. We took her floaty this time and she loved that. She thought she was big girl plying out in the ocean. She loved it when the waves would splash her. At one point the water was getting her relaxed he fell asleep in her floaty. It was so sweet to see her sleeping in the water. If I would had had a floaty I would have been a sleep myself.

Melissa fell asleep in the ocean!

After the beach we went back to the house got cleaned up and went out to eat. We had plans to go watch fire works on the beach at Aunt Cynthia's friends house, but the street was blocked off and the cops would not let us get to there house. So we had to do like everyone else find a place on the street and stand outside of your car to watch the fire works. The fire works were still good. Melissa fell asleep in the car so she didn't get to see the fireworks this year, maybe next year she can see them.

Happy 4th of July!

Day 4 July 5th:
We thought we would just stay home today and play in the pool. Melissa was loving that. After her her naps she got to play in the water. She loved it when Paul and I would jump in the pool and make BIG waves.

That night Paul and I went out on a date. We left Melissa with DD, Steve and Cynthia. Aunt Cynthia loved having Melissa around. Paul and I ate dinner at Shells in Clearwater and watched the sunset. Then we walked around for awhile and headed back home. Paul had to catch an early flight out the next morning so we didn't stay out to long. It was nice just having dinner with out little hands getting into everything.

Day 5 July 6th:
Paul and I got up early so I could take him to the airport. That afternoon Steve, Cynthia, DD, Melissa and I went on a boat ride looking for dolphins. We didn't see any, but still had a good time. No beach again today just hanging out by the pool.

Day 6 July 7th:
Steve and Cynthia had to go back to work so DD, Melissa and I headed to the beach for our last day. We had a good time at the beach. That night we all went out to eat and to see the sunset. That was a good way to end our vacation.


Kaelyn said...

Love the pictures...looks like such a wonderful and fun vacation!

Amy E. said...

Love that sunset picture...and the one with Melissa asleep in her floaty..just priceless.
So glad you guys had a good time.

The Tolberts said...

LOVE that last picture too! WOW! So beautiful! And you look HOT with a tan! I'm jealous! ;) Looks like ya'll had so much fun! Next time we want to go with! :)

Walt and Sarah. said...

sounds like a great trip! Love the sunset pic!