A Family Tradition

On my side of the family (Traci) we have a family tradition. My mom's dad was born on September 23, 1914. When he was around a year old he had a picture taken of him in a dress. I guess back then it was ok to dress little boys in dresses. Well we have kept the tradition going. My Uncle, Mom, Sister, two cousins, Me and now Melissa have all taken our picture in this dress. This dress is 94 years old.

Here is a picture of my grandfather, Me and Melissa in the dress. I don't have a picture of the others at this time. I'm working on getting all of them so I can frame them. I just think this is so neat!

Eryle Sherwood

Traci Gwen

Melissa Pearl


Walt and Sarah. said...

What an awesome tradition!! 94 years old...wow!!!

Amy E. said...

Traci..that is just awesome!! What a cool tradition. I am glad you had a better birthday this year!! Love the picture of Melissa standing in the doorway for you!
Have a great vacation!!!