Let it snow, Let it snow!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I know that's a Christmas song, but we have had snow twice this week. The first time came at night so we didn't get any pictures. Today was a different story. It started out raining and then here came the snow. We didn't get a lot in our area, but we have some friends that got at least 4 inches. Paul and I took Melissa out in the snow for a few minutes just to get pictures. Oh yesterdays high was 68 and today's high 31. Only in Texas!


The Harringtons said...

Fun times! I love Texas snow! I am glad Melissa got to play in it for a while. Lucas loved it...Georgia just sat in it!

Kaelyn said...

so awesome!!! We did not get one bit of it here...I kept thinking surely we would see somthing..but all we saw was rain.