Update on Melissa's CF appoitment

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Today Melissa had her check up at the CF Clinic. Melissa is doing great! The staff is proud of her weight 18lbs. Melissa had x-rays done on her chest and nothing bad to report. Her lungs are clear! Dr. Brown had us meet with the respiratory therapist today, he wants us to have on hand a breathing machine for breathing treatments if and when we need them. If Melissa comes down with a cold/congestion, we will be prepared. The cold/flu season will last around the end of March so we still have to be careful of where we go and who we are around. Thanks for your prayers and support. Keep praying that Melissa stays healthy and continues to grow.

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Kaelyn said...

Yea for a great check up! Melissa you are doing such a good job! Paul and Traci you are too!