Melissa is getting faster at crawling

The other day I was in the kitchen and didn't hear Melissa playing with her toys in the living room. So I looked over the counter and saw her heading down the hallway. This is the first time she has done that. She also thinks it's fun to crawl under our footstool. Here is a video and some pictures of her.

Also I pulled out her playmate the other day and she thought it was a new toy. She hasn't played with it since she was about 4 months old. She loves crawling in & out of it. Look how big she is since the last time she was on it!

4 months old

Melissa 7 months old


Kaelyn said...

wow Melissa you are really getting around! How fun for you and your mom! Can't wait to get you and kaelyn together ...that will be fun!

The Tolberts said...

I can't believe how well Melissa is getting around! It is so cute to watch her!!!