Melissa 7 months old

Thursday, January 17, 2008
Today Melissa turned 7 months old. As I say every month time is flying by. She is really getting her personality! I know she is going to be a talker, because she wakes up babbling and goes to sleep babbling. I wouldn't want it any other way. Paul is really starting to enjoy her more. Not that he has enjoyed her before, but this stage is fun for him. It is so sweet to watch her face when he comes home from work. I can hear him at the door and I will say to her " Where's daddy" and she will look at the door and start screaming. She loves her daddy!

Melissa is getting the crawling down. She is making her way to the table so I know we need to finish baby proofing soon. Let's talk about food, she loves her solid food and doesn't want her bottle any more. We are still feeding her 4 bottles a day. She needs to get at least 24oz of formal in a day. Melissa loves eating banana's, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, squash, and oatmeal. We are so proud that Melissa is doing well with her CF. We get to start traveling in April so we are going to be busy this spring and summer taking some family trips.

She still has no teeth yet, but I know it can take forever with some babies. Her friend Mia who is 5 months old already has two teeth. Melissa's bottom gums are swollen, but no sign of a tooth yet.

Here are some pictures of our 7month old!

Melissa 7 months

Melissa 1 week old


Kaelyn said...

Happy 7 months to you Melissa and of course you are invitied to my party!!!

Marc and Charity said...

Happy 7 months old Melissa!!! You sure have grown fast!!!

Chad & Amy said...

She is starting to look like a little toddler...make it slow down. She is growing up so fast and still has her beautiful eyes!