Sleeping through the night and Teething!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well it has been 4 nights that Melissa has slept all night long. We put her down around 8:15pm and she wakes up around 8:00-8:30am. I don't want to get to happy because I know that things will changes! I'm just happy that I'm getting at least 8 hours of sleep again! I think I know why Melissa is sleeping longer she is scooting all the way to the top of the bed and sleeping in the corner. She will stay there all night. Hey what ever works for her!

The last couple of weeks Melissa has been chewing on anything and everything, but it all goes to the left side of her mouth. She has been cranky then usual so I thought I would call the Pediatrician and ask him about teething. The nurse called back and I told her everything that Melissa was doing and she said it sounds like teething. She said we could give her some baby orajel if we feel like her gums are hurting her. The other day she had chewed so much that she started screaming so I gave her some orajel and it help. It feels like her top left gum is swollen. I know it could take months before the first tooth appears! I will keep you posted if we get a tooth soon!

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The Harringtons said...

I cannot get over how big she has gotten! You have such a gorgeous girl! Congrats on getting some much needed sleep.