Melissa 4 months old

October 17, 2007

Today Melissa turned 4 months old. From the other post you know she has been very busy! Still not sleep during the day, but sleeping all night. Melissa has her 4 month check up on October 22nd, and we can't wait to see how much she weighs and how long she is. we can tell by her clothes she has grown a lot.

Dear Melissa,

You are 4 months old today and it's also a year ago tomorrow that your daddy and I told our family and friends we were going to have a baby! We couldn't have been happier that day when we told them the good news. From the being you have given us joy. I can still remember the first time daddy and I saw you. You where only the size of a grain of rice but your heart was beating so fast. We had tears in our eyes and a big smile on our faces. As you started growing daddy and I couldn't help but wonder what you would look like, would you be a boy or a girl? Everyday for me was new. I also remember the first time I felt you move around. I was at work drinking a Sprite and there you went moving around. I wasn't 100% sure that was you, but the next day you did it again. Daddy remembers the first time he felt you kick him. He had a big smile on his face. He would read to you every night when I went to bed, he wanted to make sure you knew his voice. As it started getting closer to your due date I would find myself sitting in your room wondering what type of mother I would be. Well I guess I'm doing good so far.

When the day came for me to go to the hospital I was so ready to hold you in my arms. I remember your first cry! I was also crying with joy. I don't remember holding you for the first time, thanks to the drugs I was on, but I have picture of us.

Melissa you are a blessing to us. Every day and month you just keep changing. You are getting a personality and have a pretty smile. When we found out you had CF at 2 weeks old I was in shock, I just new you would be free from CF, but you aren't. We are going to everything we can to keep you well and live a long life.



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The Bakers said...

I love her outfit!!! The bow in her hair is so cute!