Melissa's check up at the CF Clinic

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Melissa had her check up at the CF clinic today. The doctors are very impressed with Melissa weight and how well she is doing. Melissa has been having some stomach trouble so they want her to take 2 capsule of enzymes with every feeding instead of one. She is growing up and needs more enzymes. I'm hoping this will help with her stomach problems! Melissa is weighing over 12 pounds.

Melissa's lungs sounded good! Praise the Lord!

We're going to start keeping her more at home since the cold and flu season is starting up. They want Paul and I to get a flu shot and anyone else that is going to be babysitting for us or staying with us. We just need to continue to pray that Melissa's makes it through the cold and flu season with out getting the flu and to many colds. The cold season with last through April.

We will keep you posted on how she is doing. No more doctors visits until October when she has her 4 month check up and more shots! The next CF visit is in November.


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