What a busy weekend!

Monday, August 6, 2007

We have had a busy weekend! Grandma DD (my mom) came into town to see Melissa, not Paul and I just Melissa! We got to go on two dates while she was here! Thursday we went out for dinner and then Saturday night we went to the movies. Paul and I haven't been to the movies in months. We stop going at the end of the pregnancy.

Friday Melissa got to meet my co-workers and friends at Southwest.

Saturday we went to our Uncle Sherwood's retirement party and Melissa got to meet more cousins! Our Uncle Sherwood retired from Santa Fe railroad after 42 years! Wow 42 years at the same company you don't hear that very often!

My sister Peyton is coming in on Wednesday to finally meet Melissa!

This is what we Paul and I came home to after our date on Thursday. Grandma DD spoiling Melissa. She had her bath and her tummy was full.

You want to take my picture! Melissa heard the camera and opened her eyes so we could get this cute picture! Can you tell she is getting bigger?

Melissa with her cousins LauraLee and Lauren. They just love Melissa

This is the Abbott side of the family! My Grandmother Dorothy Pearl would have been so happy to see her grandkids and great great grandkids! Dorothy passed away 5 years ago!

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The Bakers said...

I can tell Melissa is getting bigger! Looks like she had a blast with grandma! What a fun weekend!