Baby Shower #2

Friday, June 1, 2007

Paul and I are so blessed, we had a great shower at my work. My co-workers are sweet and thoughtful. My mom and sister got be there with us. As you can see from the pictures we got some great stuff and had a good time. We have one more shower on Sunday so more pictures to come. As you can see in these pictures I'm swollen and about to pop!

Good Cake!

Parents to Be!

My sister Peyton

My Mom!

My coworkers and Donna and Emily

More coworkers Marty and Sandra

Lots of gifts for Baby Liberto

Having fun opening up the gifts!

My coworkers gave us our Travel System!

As you can see my coworkers had there babies, Baby Liberto is the last one to arrive!

1 comment:

Dorothy Powell said...

Baby Liberto may be last to arrive, but will certainly not be 'least'.

She will make her debut when the time is right! (despite my early prediction!!!)