Week 27th!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Well today is the start of Month Seven (27-30 weeks).

Depending on what website or book you read, it's saying we are in the third trimester.

This is the home stretch for you and your baby. The child inside you is still tiny, but she will double in size between now and her birth. Even more important, her brain will grow by leaps and bounds.
These months are heavy hitters when it comes to cognitive, or mental, development. By the end of the seventh month, your baby's brain will have the capacity of a newborn's. She will be able to see, hear, smell, and learn. As strange as it may seem, during the last months of your pregnancy your child will share many of your daily experiences. Your alarm buzzing in the morning. Or the sound of the phone ringing and cars honking on the street.
Your baby is already discovering things about the world, and you're her guide. This unique relationship begins now. How it develops is up to you.

Paul finally got to feel his little girl punching or kicking me! He was so happy to feel her. I have also noticed my stomach moving! She is really starting to show off! The ladies at work got to feel her and see my stomach move.

I have my doctor's appointment on March 28th. I'm sure I will be starting the 2 week appointments soon.

We have been busy getting the apartment ready for our little girl. Her room is almost done. I will post pictures once it's complete.

Paul and I are happy it's spring, but our allergies have been out of control. We need the rain to wash all the pollen out of the air! You should see our vehicles they have a green film on them. I guess we just need to take them to the car wash and then it will rain.

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