IT's A................

Tuesday, January 16, 2006
17th weeks (last week of the 4th month)
We had a sonogram today to check out the anatomy of the baby. I gave into all of you who said I must find out! The doctor was absolutely sure it's a girl. Little Miss. Liberto is growing and doing well. She weighs 8 oz already. The heartbeat is still strong at 150. The doctor didn't give us a picture to add to the blog.
We did get it on DVD!

The name is going to be a secret, that is one thing Paul and I want to keep personal.

Paul and Traci


The Bakers said...

A little girl will be fun! Ok knowing what you are having is making me more anxious to see what we are having. Only about 8 weeks till we find out. I am excited ya'll are having a girl!!! Of course I can't wait to hear the name...but I understand about keeping it a secret!

Delores said...

As the first time grandma, I am so excited. I am very glad everything is going so good, and I can't wait to hold my granddaughter. All 3 of you are in my prayers.

Delores (Mom)

Jana said...

Traci and Paul,
Who would have thought that my baby cousin and my next door neighbor would be having a GIRL! Jamie and I are SO excited for you two, and both familes, as well! You know, Paul, you were getting experience whenever you helped with Jamie (loaning us flashlights, helping us whenever we locked ourselves out). Traci, you have always been a natural with kids. You guys will be the best parents, and of course, Jamie and I wanted it to be a girl! Those grandmas are going to have so much fun! I am sure that Aunt Dorothy is smiling down, pleased knowing there is a special baby on her way! Love you 3! Jana and Jamie

Marc said...

Hey y'all!! I'm so happy for you, and excited that you found out it's GIRL!!! Woohoo. Sorry we are not closer and I could pass lots of baby clothes on to you! Hope y'all are doing good. We miss everyone so much!

Charity Verlander